Lift you up when you're in trouble...Open arms are here to greet you... 
     Loving arms are here to hold you... Here to help you...
.                                   Angels Answer!   (lyrics by Rick Chaff)


Until every hungry soul is fed! 


Linda S. Lloyd, Care Director of Angels Answer, Inc. knows first hand what it's like to live with food insecurity.

Her father was a disabled veteran from WWII. He spent Linda's formative years in and out of veterans hospitals. "We never knew where our next meal would come from."  

Linda has always been involved in helping  those less fortunate.

In 2011, she was a first responder when the tornadoes roared through Brimfield and Monson. She got right to work and became the "Food Angel" (as she was called), for the recovery process. Over the next year, working with local businesses, volunteers and the townspeople Linda helped distribute thousands of dollars of food donations that helped feed the displaced residents of Brimfield and Monson.

From there, Linda became a  member of the board of directors for the "Pathway to Renewal," a not-for-profit agency which allocated funds to those families who lost their homes in the tornado, to help them rebuild. 

These experiences inspired Linda in 2012 to found her not-for-profit relief agency

Angels Answer Inc dedicated to helping feed and support those in need.